A Talk with Steve Dean
A graduate of Virginia Tech with a B.S. degree in engineering, Steve started Century Control Systems because he saw a better way of doing business.

“I don’t know why anyone else would do this for 30 years, but I know why I have. I enjoy dealing with challenges and solving difficult problems.

Through the years I have learned that the ordinary or accepted approach to a problem isnít always the best way. I look for creative ways to solve your problems.

We approach a problem as a systems solution, not just a component solution. We pull together the resources necessary to get the job done. We can supply a single measurement or a full blown control system. If your problem calls for an instrument engineer, service technician or computer savvy control systems expert, we have the expertise to meet your needs. There are not many companies out there that will provide products plus follow-up calibration and service, yet have the capability to be an informational and preventative maintenance resource. This is an important benefit because so often other companies outsource these services.

Please refer to our partial customer list that includes Westvaco, Alliant Tech Systems, Phillip Morris, DuPont and Invista. We are also very appreciative of the good relationship we have developed with our vendors.

A successful business is all about working well with people and doing the best job possible, and that includes managing the smallest details.

I promise that when you call during normal business hours, you will never get a menu driven voice mail. There will be a pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable person on the other end of the line to assist you with your requirements.“